Friday, September 28, 2012

183 (oh hey sorry for the absence)

So I have been slacking on my personal blog lately, pure laziness on my part.  Andy had gone away on business from Sunday to Tuesday so it was just me and the babies, I spent most of my days trying to entertain them and then most nights cleaning, and organizing.  I made Andy swear to me that he wouldn't let the house fall into disrepair (just kidding, it's not in disrepair its just messy) again.  I want to become a more organized person, and while I don't care if my house is pinterest perfect, I would at least like it not to look like a laundry/toy monster came and barfed all over my living room.  I also realise (after many conversations with my sister) that I need less "stuff".  All my weight loss goals have been hard, but they have also made me realise that maybe sometimes it's not just weight that needs to be dealt with. I need to sort through all the clutter in the house and get rid of what I don't need.  It seems like its getting easier to do this as I get older and I really hope that someday I can shake this monkey in my back (what's the monkeys name you ask? Oh his name is "keep this you might need it someday").  Both her and I are trying hard to part with items we were always told meant something, but to us they never did.  If something means so much to one person but means nothing to someone else, then it's not fair to ask them to hold on to something they will never want or use.  There is someone out there who may want it so let them get the chance to enjoy it.  I don't want to keep feeling like the character from the labyrinth who carries all of her possessions/garbage on her back, so slowly but surely my resolution for the rest of this year, and the rest of the next year is to try and start parting with items that have no meaning or value to me.  Whether it be clothes that no longer fit, books I will never read again, useless knick knacks, and personal items that were told to have sentimental value to me (but don't), they need to go.

Now that Ive gotten that off my chest, my other news is, I finally got past the 184 barrier, and while it was only 1 pound lost, it was still great to see that number on the scale on Sunday! Virtually all of my old clothes fit again, and what doesn't fit soon will.  I'm still trying my wedding and engagement rings on every week.  Each week they get closer and closer to fitting again, I can't wait until I can get them back on my fingers, it will be like getting married all over again!

I cannot wait for that day, and soon it will be my birthday and Gems 1st birthday AND Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012


I missed last weeks post, but surprise surprise it was still 186, I wasn't able to weigh myself on Sunday as we were heading back home from Temple, so I did it this morning and came in at 184.
I feel excited but also frustrated with myself that it takes me a few weeks to lose 2 pounds.  If I  stuck to my weight watchers and didn't go over my points every week this wouldn't be the case but my lack of will power is terrible.  In a month or so I will stop breastfeeding "Jebby" so that will drop my points down by 14, that will become a huge adjustment.  I think I need to show Andy exactly how my weight watchers works, he understands the concept and knows it works on points, but I don't think he quite understands that "tacos, or hot dogs, or lasagna" for dinner is an absolute points massacre.  I know they are easy and convenient, but to me it puts a big red X on my weight loss goals.  Maybe that will be my new goal "teach my hubby the Dos' and Dont's of weight watchers".  It's not his fault he doesn't know these things, I generally don't indulge him with the boring facts of weight loss.  He doesn't need to join me on weight watchers but I do need him to walk through it with me and understand why sometimes I freak out over food decisions and why sometimes I want to meal plan more than just "throw together easy meals".

So that's what I will do.

On the positive note, the weather cooled off for a day and I Slipped on my jeans that I've never been able to wear. Guess what? no more muffin top! They fit and are slightly loose, yay!

Until Sunday I will cross my fingers for some sort of breakthrough weight loss.