Sunday, December 9, 2012

180, Long time no write...

I finally hit my 180, I'm not even really sure if I hit it or if the scale was playing its usual tricks (it can fluctuate if I step on it twice in a row, um wtf?).  I'm gearing up for the holidays, but I'm also trying to be a good girl and eat well!!!  I tried Jazzercise last saturday (I didn't do it this past saturday as I've been feeling sick and crummy).  People laugh when I tell them, but it is hard in it's own right, straight up dancing for 45 minutes, it's not easy!  I'm also debating between joining the community centre gym or trying out this other kickboxing gym my coach recommended.  I looked it up online and it feels really intimidating to be trying a new gym after feeling safe for the last year.
I also am toying with the idea of just buying Groupons for classes for the next year, getting myself a cheap deal and trying something new from month to month.  I love k.boxing, but I want to try other things to see if there are other workouts that I love as much as that.  Plus I think my body is getting too used to the same routine and might enjoy something different day to day.

For now, I'm just getting pumped for Christmas.  I love everything about this time of year, people just seem to be friendly and happier all round.  I love the *pop* music and the movies (Nation Lampoon anybody?) that go with it.  So far I have been rocking out to the Waitresses - Christmas wrapping, Stevie Wonder - What Christmas means to me and Wham - Last Christmas, some of my favourite holiday classics.  Currently we are watching Christmas Vacation, always my favourite Holiday Movie, and we watched Elf the other day....ah if only it were appropriate to watch and listen to Christmas things all year long.....

Now, it may be early but I'm going to start thinking about my New Years resolution, maybe next year it will be a continuation eating healthier and working out. I might even try visiting a Nutritionist to get some better ideas of what to eat, and what not to eat. I'm also going to try and start sewing more (I've been neglecting my sewing blog, BAD GIRL!!!!).

So fellow friends and readers, what are you doing for the holiday, and what are your resolutions?