Tuesday, January 31, 2012


As you may have noticed, I have a very basic, boring blog. The reason I haven't improved upon it is because, I'm not sure how. I see all of the pretty blogs I follow, and I think "me want" or rather "how do I do that pretty stuff to my blog". I'm currently navigating around blogger trying to figure this out, so if any of my friends have tips on how to do this easily, please help this poor ugly-blog girl! I would like tabs at the top, but so far I have managed to eff that up. When I have the time I am going to try and improve this, but for now it will stay boring....maybe I will mess with my sewing blog first, I have less readers so if I mess up huge it might go unnoticed longer.....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Am I a bad mommy?

Possibly yes, but I couldn't help but feel a bit smug after this happened.

Yesterday I brought Boogs to the jump castle day and we were having a great time. He ending up taking a basketball from one of the jump zones to play with, which was fine, just so long as he didn't throw it at anyone. So he is walking around with it when this little boy took it right from him and said "mine". Now we all know that children go through this phase, that part wasn't the problem, what bothered me was this kids mom as nowhere to be found to say "hey, you are not allowed to take toys, you must share". I resisted the urge to grab it back and tried to calm Boogs by telling him that some kids are not great at sharing yet. My smug moment happened shortly after when Boogs walked back to the toddler area, I was watching him play and all of a sudden the ball theif started crying. I could see his mom looking in my direction and then back to the kids, all of a sudden this cute little girl walked up to her mom and said "I bite". Turns out the little girl (not Boogs) had bitten this little boy! I felt a little bad about it, but then again his mom wasn't even paying attention to what he was doing and admitted that he probably took that little girls toy she may have been playing with. So yes, I had a bad mommy moment, so sue me. We all have them, and I will take a lesson out of it, that lesson is to teach my kids to share, and not bite other kids.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cleaning clutter!

So as anyone on the universe as heard of, there is a website out there called Craigslist. I've looked at this site many times buy never used it until a few months ago when we bought our double stroller. I was always hesitant because of some of the horror stories I heard, but I decided to try it. I'm so happy I did! In our backroom (former garage) all of our "couldn't find a spot for it, so this is the catch all room" there was a dresser, and a bed, among other things, and while they were still in good condition, we no longer had use for them. I posted them on Craigslist and they both sold within 10 minutes (guess I priced them low enough, yay!). I was so pumped I wish I had more stuff to sell, but I don't. I am however excited that i Have reclaimed some space back there and now can start my donation piles and can call the salvation army to come over! I'm not sure how or when the Declutter bug hit me, but I can finally start to see the light at the end of the hoarder tunnel. I eventually want to get all of my sewing stuff back there so I can have some real space. Andy's office/my sewing room/Andy's storage for his brew stuff is starting to get a little bit cluttered, so I hereby officially lay claim to the garage!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Most women don't want to reveal their weight, its not anyone's business, and for some it brings embarrassment or shame. Well, last weeks (as well as my 6 weeks appointment at the doctor my weight was 237). It is probably the heaviest I've been (not including pregnancy). Of course I was embarrassed, I don't know how I got myself to this point, but this is where I am going to get myself out of. I want the world to know what my weight is, I'm tired of being embarrassed, and on my road back to pre-baby weight I just have to keep myself motivated. I am now currently 234, it's going to be a long road ahead to get back to the 190 mark, and while I would love to get to my ideal weight, I would still be happy with 190. I no longer have a goal weight but rather a "goal pair of pants". All those jeans I had worn before my babies. Those wonderful wide leg pants, I miss wearing all of them. I have a 2 sets of pants now, but I didn't want to go crazy because I want to get into my goal pants. So, my goals have been set, I'm coming for you pants ;).

Monday, January 2, 2012

New years resolution

So every year people come up with resolutions about what they plan on doing and every year by the time February hits, they give up on those resolutions. I stopped making them years ago because I knew I am the type of person who does this. I decided that I wanted to better myself because I wanted to, not because I made the resolution to do so on the 1st of January. This year I felt slightly differently, I said to myself that my "resolution" would be to try and work my way through all 4 of those Rubbermaid bins in my house full of fabric. Start sewing more, less shopping and maybe just improving my skills. It won't be easy, sewing with two babies in the house is mostly impossible, but I will continue to try. I have also decided to try and drink water, tea and juice and cut out pops (let's see how long I can do it). I've taken up kickboxing and started weight watchers. Those things I have considered not to be my resolutions, but rather the things that I want to better about myself. The kickboxing started early December, so I can safely say that I am well outside of the boundaries on that one. The no pop drinking was something I know I should do, because all the delicious sugar and carbonation makes me feel all bloated and yucky, I just need to remember that before I order it. The weight watchers needs to go hand in hand with my kickboxing or else I will just continue to eat fast food without moderating how much of it I am actually eating (yes I will still eat it, but now I have a points system to track myself so I don't go off the rails). So this is the year of "improving myself" not just resolving to do it and then failing horribly because It wasn't something I actually wanted to do.