Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I will be the first to admit that I have zero self control. When the month of October rolls around I always associate it with turkey, cake and candy. Now that there are 2 October birthdays in our house that just intensifies it.  After spending an awesome week in Canada, and having bad food that whole week, I managed to only gain a pound.  The week at home was almost like a recovery and detox from the junk food.  Then Saturday rolled around and we threw Ms.Baby another party, complete with delicious cupcakes and smash cake.  On top of that there was fruit, with caramel dip, cheese, bread and crackers.  I was so bloated after I knew Sundays weigh in would be brutal.  When I saw 185 I felt a little sad inside, but I'm trying hard to make up for it this week.  I also just had my ass handed to me when I realised that because I am weaning I am losing 14 extra points in one shot.  Kinda brutal but I just need to make some adjustments from this point on.  As for the upcoming Halloween candy I think we are going to buy some fruit snacks to handout, that way if no one shows up we won't be stuck with all that candy leftover.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Home again!

It's hard to believe that I was in my home and native land a week ago.  We flew in on the 6th of October and came back to Dallas on the 14th.  If I can speak truthfully, it wasn't a long enough trip.  I got in so many visits but they weren't long enough.  We stayed over night at my friend Karen and Dans, and spent the day/night hanging out, catching up and watching my son, and our girls play (like twins those 2).  The next day we drove to my parents house and spent the rest of the week there.  I finally got the haircut I have been talking about, and I have yet to post the pictures I promise (so sorry).  I forgot how much I loved having my haircut short.  I loved having my sister at the house, and finally got to meet my neice (I could eat her up she was so cute! and the hair!).  She was so sweet and snuggly I was sad when my sister took off a day early because the baby got sick.
We took C and G to the animal farm, it was so much fun, we went back the next day, but it was far too rainy to stay for any long period of time. 
On the following Saturday we headed back to Hamilton and I got to visit with a former co-worker and meet her daughter (so many babies have been born since I've been out of the country).  When I headed back to my friends house, I discovered that my husband is really good at keeping secrets.
I was entering the house when I discovered that my friends and family were there to surprise me.  I was a bit overwhelmed when I saw all of the faces that I know and love in one spot.  I got teary eyed as I hugged them, because frankly, I wasn't expecting it.  Like all good parties eventually everyone had to leave, which sucked big time, but people can't stay and party all night just because I want them too. 
We had an early flight out from Buffalo sunday morning, and I still haven't caught up on laundry and sleep.  My body is here in Texas, but at the moment my head is still in Ontario, I may have been able to catch up with everyone, but it made me miss every single one of them that much more.

I look forward to next year, one of my besties is getting married, and I get to be there for it!  I might try and brave travelling alone with 2 babies to spend a few extra weeks with everyone.

Monday, October 1, 2012


I am happy to say I lost weight again this week! Trying to carefully to document everything I eat (because sometimes I forget to) and hoping that solves the non weight loss I keep experiencing.  I'm looking forward to the next week, i get to see family and friends that I haven't seen for about 10 months! In that time my friends daughter (who is 2 weeks younger than Jebby) has gone and grown up, I cannot wait for them to hang out.  My niece was born and I have only heard her talking over the phone, as well as seeing pictures of her cute face.  I am going to steal some kisses from that little girl! I can't believe how fast time flies, my friend who I saw last Christmas now has a 14 month old, and also has twins due in march! A former co-worker/friend has a 4 month old baby girl and one of my friends has a 3 year old (wasn't he a baby like, yesterday?).  I'm hoping to see all of my friends, and all of their children.

I'm also excited for turkey days! There is something awesome about knowing that I get to have 2 thanksgiving dinners this year, and both families get to celebrate them.  There is never any in-family fights about where you will spend thanksgiving each year because Canada has theirs early October and America has theirs in the end of November.

I get to have my 30th birthday and Gems 1st with my family (which also means, CAKE!), last but not least, I get my long awaited hair cut, I'm looking forward to getting this load of hair off of me.

There is so much I'm looking forward to that I feel like this week might drag.