Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some things I've 'learned'

*Note, this isn't one of my usual rants, it's about religion in politics, please do not read on if you want to start an argument with me*.

There are things I've learned in this life, and one of the big ones is "Never talk about politics or religion" as a conversation starter.
Living down in the United States, I can understand why, people get absolutely MAD about it here.
Not that I understand either of these subjects, nor do I care to understand them.
In my opinion, Obama isn't doing a bad job, considering the pile of shit that was left behind for him from Cletus the Slack jawed yokel he can only do so much.
Besides, I'm not allow to vote, so I suppose I'm not allowed to have an opinion right?

Here is the other touchy subject that makes me roll my eyes, I am currently living in the bible belt of the US.
God and I aren't on good terms after he took my nephew away, and his religious minions that are going around spouting their hate aren't making me much of a believer that he is 'the greatest'.
It's not his fault, it's the religious wackjobs who are on my facebook and on the street, and on the radio, spouting their hate over Gay Marriage.

Why is this any of their business I do not know. So what if you consider them "sinners" in the eyes of God. I guess if they don't "get to go to heaven" wouldn't that leave more room for you? Stay out of their lives and bedrooms and worry about yourself. I would love to slap some sense into these people, but there is no point, I can only hope that at some point they are just bred out of society for highly educated/open minded individuals.
That has just been bugging me lately, it's always bothered me. I wish other people would get their head out of their asses and see it that way, but again....I'm in the bible belt, not Portland, Oregon.

Friday, April 22, 2011

strange dreams

Last night C kept me up until 1:30, he just woke me up, so excuse this post if there is grammatical errors, the sleep deprivation in me is awful. I had to post about the strange dream I had last night....this is how it went.

I am at my parents house, and the only other people there are myself, my sister, my mom, and Clark.
My sister and I are talking and I say "We should go up to the attic". Mind you, we don't have an attic in our house, but for some reason in this dream we do (It made sense later on). She agrees although she says that she hates it up there, as it is haunted and creepy.
We go up the stairs to the attic and I realize that I am in my Grandma Jacksons attic (she never let us up there, after she passed away it was the first place we went to in her house). Once we are up there, I am also getting a creepy vibe, and then things start moving around. At one point a stool comes flying towards us, and I grab it. For some strange reason I tell my Grandma Jackson to stop messing around and give me the stool, and the stool responds which lead me to believe that the ghost in the attic is her.
Following a few minutes of creepy experiences and an attic that goes from fully furnished to absolutely empty I say to my sister "lets go outside". Before we get there, we end up in a part of the attic that has a door, it is one of the fully furnished room and suddenly a stereo kicks on. The first thing I hear is a snippet of a song, and I turn to my sister and say "Jackson is here, he is trying to tell us something". The song starts to fully play and it is Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven. Needless to say I start panicking and looking around for him, but I don't see him. My sister assures me that he is gone, but it is his spirit doing this. I can't handle it and I run to the backyard (which puts us back at my parents house), my mom is there, with Clark, and my sister follows. So does the song.... I tell my mom about what is happening in the attic and she says that my Grandma and Jackson are just giving us confirmation that they are ok. All of a sudden I look up and I see her - it's my Grandma Jackson! I run over to her in tears, I was so happy to see her alive and well, but then my sister, mom and Clark stroll by without any notice of her and I fell to the ground in tears. I have finally realized that I am seeing her ghost, yet no one else did. While in tears, I ask her if Jackson is with her in heaven and she assure me that he is, I started asking her questions about what he looks like how old is he and she responds "He looks the same, he is only 2 months old". I told her that didn't make any sense as he was 4 months when he passed away and she tells me that In heaven you revert to a younger happy version of yourself, you never age, so when you get up there yourself you don't always know who your family is right away. Before I could say anymore, she left, and then I woke up, miserable.
I would love to have a dream analysis on this one, because it was so messed up, and scattered that I still don't understand what happened in the dream and why.