Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy times

My little Gem is 2 weeks old and I can hardly believe it. So far Boogs hasn't show any jealous tendencies and has had nothing but kisses and head pats for his "baby". I just need to get myself into a routine with these kids. Gem sleeps all day and boogs plays, I am still trying to catch up on all of the sleep I'm losing. I wish I could chug red bulls all day but alas that is not good for the baby! I'm having an easier time setting Gem down and trying to keep some order in this house, I'm hoping to have it organized again, within the next 6 months, but I have better priorities that will always come first. Until then any guests that visit might just have to deal with my messy house and the stinky babies that live here too!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Labour day

So I decided not to make a big to do on facebook about the fact that in the next 24 hours my baby girl will be here, but for those who read my blog here are some mini updates until the pain takes over.... I checked into the hospital st 8pm lat night for my induction, I was excited and nervous, last time was quite different because Clark sort of just came when he wanted, baby girl is being evicted in a way...... They started me on cervadil at 930pm and basically I was set for an overnight waiting period for her to show up. I ate some subway and drank some cranberry juice, watched some Conan and other things on tv and I took the offer of ambien to help me sleep the night. I know that after midnight I passed ouy and sort of drifted into and out of sleep when the nurse came in. At 730am they removed the cervadil and started the pitocen I'm having some mild contractions on and off, I am waiting for the " big ones" to start it's only 1140am so I think anything coming soon is wishful thinking. Eventually the doctor will be in to check me and maybe break my water, and then the show will begin. Until then, just waiting..... Alright, here is the finished update! The doctor came in and checked me around 130 and there was no progress so they had to break my water, let me just say, ouch! The first time around with Clark my water broke on it's own so I had no idea how much work it took to actually do it. After that there was some sort of baby monitor attached to her head, every once In a while she would move around and more water would escape. After the water breakage, s##t got real. The contractions started off mild at first, manageable, and then it started to hurt more, I fought through the pain at first, and then started begging fo fentanyl to ease the pain. I was allowed to have 1 dose every hour, the first half hour was great, I was relaxed and the edge was taken off, about a half hour in it got painful, so once they could they gave me another dose. The 2nd dose seemed to have the same effect as the first, but this time when it wore off I was ready to do whatever I had to do to make the pain stop I asked for a 3rd dose, and by the time I got it I was screaming for an epidural. The nurse wanted to make sure I didn't feel pressured to get one and I told her I didn't feel under pressure, the pain had just become too much to handle. I think looking back, the difference between Clark and Gemmas birth is one wasn't an Induction so any pain I felt was my body, not the Induction medicine giving me so much pain. After the epidural I felt like a whole other person, I did have the shakes at first but those eventually went away. They checked me and I was still at 4cm with no baby dropping, so she said she would come back again in 2 hours. Around 1130 the doctor came in to check me and there had been barely any change. She said I was 4cm and the baby wasn't dropping, there was also a cord problem, possibly wrapped around her neck or shoulders, but there was no way to tell. She said she was going to give me an hour to change and if nothing changed we would be doing a c section. They turned me onto my right side and Andy and I talked about how a c section wasn't the worst ting in the world, at least the baby would be out and after 30 hours in labour, I just wanted it to be over. The doctor came back in after an hour and checked me, she was so excited! I was now at 8cm and the baby had dropped, the problem with the cord also seemed to have resolved itself and was possibly just wrapped around her leg. She gave me one more hour before she would deliver and she was confident I would be able to push this baby out. As tired and both of us were, this was music to our ears! We spent the next hour shooting the breeze with the nurses and the doctor, and they would all come in and out of the room to make sure I was still feeling ok. The epidural was starting to wear off and I could feel the contractions, which were getting stinger and push worthy. They increased to pain meds to help and within minutes I announced that I thought baby girl was ready to show up. I will spare all the gross details, but after about 8 good pushes she was out! I was thankful to the nurses who were there for me throughout the days of being in labour, and I was happy to know I had a doctor who wanted to deliver the baby the way I was hoping to. I'm now just hanging out at the hospital and strangely looking forward to going home. All throughout my labour there was one thing I wanted more than anything, and that was to see my Clark. I saw him today briefly but now I just want to go home and snuggle up with him and Gem. I am happy to have both of my happy healthy babies here, and look forward to bringing her home. Now I just have to wait for my friends daughter to show up. I am hoping she has a nice smooth delivery and I want it to be as pain free for her as possible!

Monday, October 10, 2011

She will be here soon

Today I am currently 18 days from my due date, I had a doctors appointment to see where baby girl is at and if anything has changed with her. I knew something was up when they took my blood pressure, they checked me, let the arm band release and then checked me again, and the nurse said "you're 140/92, we won't be inducing you today, but the doctor will probably want to do it soon". Even I know that 140/92 is high (having been through the whole possible pre-clampsia thing). They sent me for blood work, and when I got back to the doctor she said "Yea, so you don't have to wait any longer, I am going to induce you". So, tomorrow at 8pm I am going to show up to the doctor and hopefully have this baby as quickly as possible! I know 37 weeks is still early, but I am sore, swollen, and twice the past weekend I slipped and fell on my knees. Let's just say that I was in enough pain that I couldn't walk properly for most of saturday.
Here is to hoping all goes as planned.