Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hotels, Chapels and Dinner

So many of us aren't all staying at the same hotel. Some of you are staying at the Venetian with us, and then I have some family members staying at the Palazzo and the Wynn. We want to keep everyone in the loop at all times so we all know the where and the when.

The wedding is going to be at 7pm at the Chapel of the Flowers at the Victorian Chapel ---

The plan is that Andy will arrive there first, and then I will show up after (can't go around seeing the bride now can we!!). After the ceremony we are planning on dinner at Pampas, the description from Melody (the wedding planner) was that the food was excellent and they do have options for the Vegetarians going with us :).

I know some of you are staying the full duration (the 8th - 12th) some are departing earlier than us and I'm just hoping that we can all have some great times together before we all head home!

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