Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some things I've 'learned'

*Note, this isn't one of my usual rants, it's about religion in politics, please do not read on if you want to start an argument with me*.

There are things I've learned in this life, and one of the big ones is "Never talk about politics or religion" as a conversation starter.
Living down in the United States, I can understand why, people get absolutely MAD about it here.
Not that I understand either of these subjects, nor do I care to understand them.
In my opinion, Obama isn't doing a bad job, considering the pile of shit that was left behind for him from Cletus the Slack jawed yokel he can only do so much.
Besides, I'm not allow to vote, so I suppose I'm not allowed to have an opinion right?

Here is the other touchy subject that makes me roll my eyes, I am currently living in the bible belt of the US.
God and I aren't on good terms after he took my nephew away, and his religious minions that are going around spouting their hate aren't making me much of a believer that he is 'the greatest'.
It's not his fault, it's the religious wackjobs who are on my facebook and on the street, and on the radio, spouting their hate over Gay Marriage.

Why is this any of their business I do not know. So what if you consider them "sinners" in the eyes of God. I guess if they don't "get to go to heaven" wouldn't that leave more room for you? Stay out of their lives and bedrooms and worry about yourself. I would love to slap some sense into these people, but there is no point, I can only hope that at some point they are just bred out of society for highly educated/open minded individuals.
That has just been bugging me lately, it's always bothered me. I wish other people would get their head out of their asses and see it that way, but again....I'm in the bible belt, not Portland, Oregon.

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