Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby oh Baby (names)

So Andy and I have been racking our brains with what to name our daughter and it's a bit difficult. We have a few names picked out, but here is where the problem is, we have 3 friends (it was 4, but one just popped) and we know for sure that one of them is having a girl.

We have 3 girls names picked out and I am so SO afraid that I might settle on a name and then it gets taken and I have to go back to the drawing board. I know one friend still doesn't know what she is having (because the baby is being stubborn, therefore, I think it's a girl :) ). The other friend isn't going to find out until the baby is here (I think that one is a girl too, it just seems this is the year of the girl). i know odds are low that my 3 friends will somehow all pick the names I like, but just like when I was preggers with Clark, I was worried that someone would take that name too.
Of course I am keeping all my names a secret, but that's only because I don't want opinions on if people like the name or not, for now we are calling her "Baby Dos" or in my case, I call her Saffron.

Funny part is, my mom has said she liked the name Saffron. So if you are one of pregnant friends, and you have a girl AND you like the name Saffron, you feel free to use it :).

So, until all 3 of those babies come out and are named, I might need to come up with a bigger list!

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  1. I hear ya sista on the baby names. I am worried about August and what my BF has planned for her baby boy. Don't worry there are many crazy names out there to choose from....maybe stay away from fruit names though.