Wednesday, November 21, 2012


*sigh*.  I'm getting really frustrated with my progress lately.  Just when I think I have a handle on my eating habits, things get thrown out of whack.  This week has been my inability to go and work out.  It's not that I haven't been motivated, it's that my gym was closed on Monday, and it was a busy day.  Tuesday my husband had an epilepsy support group and then I ended up taking Gemma to an after hours pediatric care facility and found out she has croup.  Today I was so exhausted from running around last night that I just napped.  I'm happy that I at least lost a little weight last week, but I will have to wait and see what Sunday brings.  I will just need to be conscious of what I am eating this thanksgiving and keep myself on track until I can get myself to a gym!

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  1. Lisa you have to not be so frusterated. You have done well and will keep doing well. You have to nap every once in awhile or else you can't be a good mom or a good person (believe me I know). Sometimes you just have to relax and I'm sorry Gemma has the croup. Poor baby.