Friday, January 4, 2013

How have my resolutions been going?

In a word "Not well".  Thankfully it's only 4 days in, so I'm not a failure.  I have been having a rough Christmas.  Actually from October to December, weightloss has been a disaster for me.  From Thanksgiving to Halloween, to another Thanksgiving to Christmas dinner, I have been a slacker.  I've seen a bit of weight put back on, nothing too crazy, but if I weren't paying attention week to week then it might be a lot worse than it actually is.  I've had too many "write off" weeks, in the past month so I finally decided to watch what I'm eating, but also realize that not everything is in my grasp (travelling and eating on the road SUCK!!!).  I have been to 1 jazzercise class since the new year began, and I bought a groupon for a kickboxing class, but I need something MORE.  I need structure and a gym, I need someone to guide me and coach me.  I am a slacker and I feel much better if I have a teacher who can tell me what to do, because frankly I don't know what to do when I am on my own.
I am really hoping to get the hubby on board to enrolling in a gym that includes childcare (for free), I know they are a bit more of a drive, but if I drop him off at work, and then go to a gym that takes care of my workout for the day, leaving him free to run after his day is finished.  I still haven't found a nutritionist, and I keep telling myself that I will, but only time will tell if I keep that promise.  Still going to keep up with the weightwatchers, as I have been successful in part because of them.
I'm looking forward to what this New Year will hold, and hopefully in the next few months I will be able to blog that I am keeping all the promises I made to myself.

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