Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The dates are yet to be set, but Andy and I were planning on throwing a Shower for both our Canuck and Yankee families. We would have 2 separate party because I know that not everyone wants to travel here there and everywhere. Nor is it fair to make anyone do that. While I was visiting Andy we decided to register, we have been getting a few questions about where we are registered. We weren't really planning on doing any of this, but the question came up several times, so we decided to get out our scanning guns, and have some fun, if you want to go and check them out (and to find the 3 *funny joke* gifts we registered for) they are at
So far that's just the American portion of this registry, but we will be doing some of this fun stuff in the Canadian stores as well.
I won't lie, I think I had a lot of fun just scanning the stuff. When you get that gun in your hand, You start to feel like "this isn't so bad, I can see why people enjoy doing this" Then you hit a wall and you feel like you are being greedy. I realized that even if I didn't recieve anything on my lists, I still had fun doing it! . I almost considered hijacking any registering my sister planned on doing for the baby, but I think she beat me to it :(.
Well if you do read this blog just type it either my name, or Andys name into their website and it should come up.
Peace out!

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