Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, New Outlook?

Considering the year my family has had, I'm looking forward to this one ending so a new one can begin.
I've had the urge to start cleaning, and eventually start purging unwanted and unnecessary items. I don't fancy calling myself a "hoarder" because I'm not, I can part with items as they don't all hold significant value, but I do have a tendency to hold on to things for some stupid reason, and eventually I part with it . I have been going nuts in our new apartment though. Cleaning Boogs' room has almost been my release of anxiety when the rest of the house is trying to bring me to tears. I can clean his room, and tidy, while he plays without fear of him bringing something else into his room to clutter it up.
We just recently bought him a book case to house all the books he has received for Christmas (thank you everyone for not bogging me down with too many toys, although the ones he did receive were greatly appreciated). Since we set it up the other night I have been organizing, and re-organizing his shelves (because it doesn't matter where I put the books, he will pull them all off). I have had some "bracing myself for tears" moments as I dismantled his jumperoo, swing and bouncy chair because I've realized that A) He is no longer small enough to fit in them, and B) It's 3 less places I can put him. Then I came to the moment of "where the hell will I put all this stuff?". We bought some rubbermaid bins, and that took care of the swing and bouncy chair, but there was no room for the jumperoo. I had a lightbulb go off, and it took me 2 nights, but I finally emptied a spare rubbermaid bin and fit the jumperoo in it. Now I'm itching to have another baby now just so I can set it all back up because I miss hearing the sounds from all of them.
The garage was a whole other challenge. There are boxes and boxes of things that we haven't opened, or we've just stacked upon each other, and I started tackling them, and let me just say that - 3 bins full of fabric -I need to whittle those down before I can start buying stuff, clothing or fabric otherwise. I'm hoping that maybe this cleaning kick will keep me occupied for a while, and I can start purging stuff that I no longer feel "attached" to or that I was sent to Dallas with. I feel that sometimes guilt or something other feeling would be laid on me if I didn't take items, but now that I'm here, i can gladly donate things without fear of a guilt trip.
So here is to a new outlook in 2011, hoping that things turn around for everyone, and maybe I can get rid of the old, make room for the new, while keeping important things close to my heart.

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