Tuesday, May 3, 2011

how do I fix the bite monster?

I cannot figure this out, I have tried several different ways of trying to get C to stop biting, but it is NOT WORKING! I took him to the mall today to play, and he was doing fine, until he saw Balloons.
He LOVES balloons, so he started going towards them, some Mary Kay rep was bugging me about a makeover, and I politely told her (several times) that I am kind of busy with a kid nowadays (I should have told her to PISS OFF). By the time I finally shook her, he was at the balloon, and he was playing with it. I wouldn't have had a problem with this, but it wasn't his balloon to play with, so I took him away from it to the other side of the play area, and he went straight back to it. So I took him away and he threw a shit fit!
I took him out of the play place to calm him down, and he bit my arm, HARD. There is now a mark with a small bruise from where he chomped down. Of course being in public I couldn't give him a spanking (because I don't want other parents calling the spank police). The "No biting" technique didn't work, and because we were at the mall I couldn't just set him down and walk away! I put him in his stroller, but he didn't cry, he just chilled out like "what did I do?".
So now I'm faced with the question of How do I tame the bite monster? Although sometimes It's not just the biting, sometimes he pinches and hits, WHAT DO I DO!!!! I've told him no hitting/pinching/biting, and he laughs. Spankings haven't worked, and if I do it back to him, he will think it's ok to do it.

Right now, I feel like I'm S.O.L


  1. This may help

  2. I will have to tune my Ukelele.

  3. Babies do bite hard! Those sharp little teeth can do some damage.
    It's probably one of those dreaded phases you have to wait out. Sounds like you're doing everything you can.

  4. Lisa I am sorry to say but its totally a phase. I have a little boy at my daycare that bites at anything that moves. You did the right thing by putting him in his stroller. You will get through it.

  5. Thanks Linds, I hope he gets over it soon because now there are 2 bruises on my arms :(