Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pregnancy update

So an update - I was able to attend my sisters wedding which was wonderful. It was all very last minute, we found out Monday that I could travel if I wanted to, so we booked the flights on Tuesday and took off Wednesday. I had a lot of family help with watching Boogs, just to keep me relaxed. The wedding was beautiful and I was always close to tears when seeing my sister and her new hubby together, I'm happy that they found each other and look forward to seeing them grow old together.
When I got home I had a doctors appointment the next day, i was a bit on edge not knowing what they were going to tell me. Luckily they gave me the all clear, no high blood pressure, no protein. I was concerned about the weight gain but they said it was normal and I am just retaining water and have normal pregnancy swelling.
Now I just have to wait about 5 more weeks and she will arrive, or maybe she will come early !

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