Monday, October 10, 2011

She will be here soon

Today I am currently 18 days from my due date, I had a doctors appointment to see where baby girl is at and if anything has changed with her. I knew something was up when they took my blood pressure, they checked me, let the arm band release and then checked me again, and the nurse said "you're 140/92, we won't be inducing you today, but the doctor will probably want to do it soon". Even I know that 140/92 is high (having been through the whole possible pre-clampsia thing). They sent me for blood work, and when I got back to the doctor she said "Yea, so you don't have to wait any longer, I am going to induce you". So, tomorrow at 8pm I am going to show up to the doctor and hopefully have this baby as quickly as possible! I know 37 weeks is still early, but I am sore, swollen, and twice the past weekend I slipped and fell on my knees. Let's just say that I was in enough pain that I couldn't walk properly for most of saturday.
Here is to hoping all goes as planned.

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