Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy times

My little Gem is 2 weeks old and I can hardly believe it. So far Boogs hasn't show any jealous tendencies and has had nothing but kisses and head pats for his "baby". I just need to get myself into a routine with these kids. Gem sleeps all day and boogs plays, I am still trying to catch up on all of the sleep I'm losing. I wish I could chug red bulls all day but alas that is not good for the baby! I'm having an easier time setting Gem down and trying to keep some order in this house, I'm hoping to have it organized again, within the next 6 months, but I have better priorities that will always come first. Until then any guests that visit might just have to deal with my messy house and the stinky babies that live here too!

1 comment:

  1. Lisa I saw a a sign that said sticky floors, messy house and happy kids. I think that is very true. Live it up because they will only be little for a short time.