Wednesday, August 4, 2010

crafty crafterson

The last time I sewed clothing for myself was before baby C was born. The last time I sewed anything was a diaper bag (I made one for me, my friend, my mom, my hubby, and my sister), again, all before baby C was born.
I'm just itching to sew something again, it's getting to a breaking point. I've become obsessed with "where can I put this sewing machine, how can I entertain the baby while I sew, maybe I can get the garage cleaned out so I can set up my cutting table". I would love to be able to get around to sewing soon, but I'm not sure if I can. I've started doing P90X, and if I can get a workout in early enough then I just have to worry about getting the baby to bed. By the end of the day though I'm usually so exhausted I just can't even focus enough to sew.
I'm hoping that someday soon, I can multitask, then I can finally get my itchy hands on some fabric to create something.
Until then, I creep on some crafting blogs, peruse, save some of my favourites, and dream of the day that I can maybe, just maybe, sew something ;).

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