Friday, July 30, 2010

sloppy wet kisses and teething time

So my sugar booger has come to an interesting stage in his baby-hood, he is starting to cut teeth. We've been saying for about 2 months that all his excessive drool must mean he's getting teeth, but we never saw any. Today when he was in the tub, I put my finger in his mouth to pry it open, and I saw a little white fleck in his mouth, when he chomped down on the finger I was for sure feeling the beginnings of a tooth.
I made up a little song about his upcoming tooth and sang it to him, he cried. I don't think he liked the song, or my singing of it, but I was too excited that he was getting his first tooth. Now I finally understand why he has been waking up at 2am, or 5am, crying, eating a little and going back to sleep. I put a wet cloth in the fridge for him, so tomorrow if he starts fussing I will hand it over and see if it does the trick for him.
Another thing he has been doing is grabbing my cheek (or daddies cheek) and putting his mouth over it. I have interpreted this as him giving us big drooley kisses and I love it. Some people might not see these as kisses but rather as him searching for food, but he does this before and after feedings, so I would like to think in my own little head that he is giving back the kisses we always give him.
I figure I might as well get in all the baby kisses I can now before he is old enough to say "mom can you go stand over there so my friends don't see you".

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