Monday, February 27, 2012


So earlier in the week I had weighed myself and was shocked that I was 215. Alas, it was a bit of a bad week, I went to a baby shower and a birthday all in the same day. I know I could have simply resisted the cupcakes at the shower and the cake at the end of he night, but you know what, I regret nothing! Regardless of my little stumble I am still happy that I lost 2 pounds from last week, so if I lose 2 more pounds then I will have lost 20 pounds. The nice part is looking at the jeans in my closet that I can officially donate because they are too big. Of course I still have quite a way to go before I am at my pre- Clark weight (about 30 pounds) I am almost to my pre Gemma weight (I was smarter the second pregnancy and stopped fooling myself with the eating for 2 notion). I am keeping up my chiropractor appointments because my lower back feels better one day but then not so great the next. Still keeping away from the pop, but I have been drinking lemonade (does that count)?. Speaking of lemonade, Saturday night I had lemonade beer for the first time. I think I am in love...... I hope next week my post will talk about my 20 pound weight loss, but only time will tell, just need to crack the whip on my eating and tell people to not bring pop or chips into my house (unless they are eating all of it and not leaving any behind).


  1. Great job Lisa! Make sure mom doesn't buy crap when she comes to visit!Tell her to stock your fridge with fruit and veggies! Also if there are any cute jeans you might think I will like or will fit after Penelope comes just send them my way. I hope I have your will power after she comes. My back hurt alot after Jackson I want to say it might also have something to do with epidural.

  2. No problem, I have a few pairs I will send your way! I will get mom to buy lots of fruits because we are all eating them, veggies at the moment, not as much.