Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have to vent

Sorry, I needed to get this off my chest, Andy has a calm personality and when I vent he just tells me that I have to stay Calm and let it go.... Jump mania day is a toddler only day at the jump castles. I don't mind if older children show up, providing they know how to behave. I caught this older kid jump, push or throw Clark down 3 times! I was so pissed because his mother was On the phone that whole time. I wanted to punch her in the face, repeatedly. I'm sure kickboxing has given me some sort of advantage right? The first time I took it as "this kid is just clumsy and fell into my son" the second time I saw him leading and then eventually dragging Clark through the castles and the brat ran off and hid when I yelled. The last time I saw him lead, then drag and then throw my son to the ground. When he jumped on him I yelled at him, chase him down and threatened him. I didn't threaten to hurt him, I just told him if he touched my son again I would find his mother and tell her exactly what he had done. Somehow that scared him enough that he ran away if I even gave him a raised eyebrow. As for Clark, I found him crying the last time inside the bounce castle. I got him out and snuggled him. I myself wanted to cry because I get really sensitive if my kids get hurt and I couldn't a help him. If that kid is there next week, and my mom is with me.....well we will see what I do if he touches Clark again.


  1. Lisa its ok. I would have yelled too. Chances are I would have had a fight with the mom. If that child comes back I would inform the people who run it that there is a child who is not a toddler and he is being too aggressive with the younger children...or teach Clark to throw some elbows and punches, and I'm the one that teaches young children. haha!

  2. Yea I was considering telling those people who own the place, I will keep an eye out for him and if he does anything I will inform them!,