Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Heres an update on my progress so far. As of last sunday my weight loss has been 13 pounds!  I am starting to feel better physically, I just need to get to the chiropracter to get my back adjusted.  I have been having a harder time at kickboxing and I think it is due to the constant picking up of a 32 pound toddler and a 12 pound baby, its a bit of a strain on me, and I'm trying not to favour one arm over the other but its really hard.
Its hard to stay off of a scale constantly to see what my weight of the day is and I just have to remind myself that even when I haven't lost, I'm still doing myself well.
I am still avoiding pop, which is a lot easier than I thought it would be, but fast food is still my weakness.  Thankfully with weight watchers I can still enjoy it, just in moderation.  I'm looking forward to hitting the 20 pound weightloss, I just have to stay patient, it will come soon enough.

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  1. Great job Lisa! Lift with your legs not your back. Keep it going!