Sunday, June 17, 2012


Ooops, I realised I never did post my blog from last week, I started typing it, and then had to stop (probably baby related).  I weighed in last week at 197 (hooray).  So I was super pumped all week, and trying hard not to weigh myself because I wanted to make sure I was surprised.  I did cheat a few times and checked the scale, but not nearly as often as I used to.
This week I weighed myself and it was 195, I was so happy, it means that I am 5 pounds off from my pre-Clark weight! (give or take a few pounds).  I wish I knew exactly how much I weighed before having him, but either way I know I am not far off.  We had a really good week this past week, we ate out from one restaurant-and it wasnt even the fast food type!  Normally we get fast food 3-5 times a week, its a bad habit that we are both trying to break free from and the past week was proof that it isnt impossible to stay at home and cook.  It also helps that we bought a new charcoal grill and Andy loves to grill food.  Last sunday we also took a trip downtown to the farmers market and we went nuts on the fruits and veggies.  We managed to make Kebabs sunday night with some of the veggies we had bought.  Then we grilled some corn and dinner was good to go. 
I am looking forward to this week and I cannot wait to see what the number will be next week, looks like I will be setting new goals soon!

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