Tuesday, July 31, 2012

193 grrrrrrrr

So I haven't posted in a while, mostly just out of pure frustration.   I have hit a wall, again.  It's like sitting at 203 all over again.  I think next week will be different.  There doesn't seem to be anything crazy going on in the horizon, and I am just sticking to eating the meals that I put in front of me.  Last week Andy went away for 2 days, so I made sure I made lots of freezer friendly food so I could weather the storm.  For all the silly things I say about my Looneyspoons/Eat Shrink and Be Merry cookbooks, I really do love them.  I made the "Better Butter Chicken" from their book, and let me tell you I could eat the hell out of that recipe!  My life was missing something special, and I realised it was Indian Food.  I can't handle spicey food, but if someone makes me a mild curry I'm usually game.  As well as the B.B.C I made a White Chili *with chicken* and a Lemon Dill Chicken recipe.  I know it seems like I eat a lot of chicken.  Well I do actually eat a lot of chicken.  It's lower in fat than red meat, and like Turkey, it can sometimes take on the flavour you are trying to get with red meat (think Tacos or Chili).  Andy didn't want to make anything this week, which bummed me out and sort of put me in a bad mood.  I know that their meals require a lot of prep work, but I love their food, and most of the time, when portioned correctly, I eat one of their meals and still have points left for dessert.

I think next weekend I will come with a list of demands (aka recipes) and I will cook some more of their food and store it in the freezer. 
Either way, if I can keep going on the right path, then I think I can hit my target soon.  Just need to have no more slip ups, less night outs and more work outs.

Until Sunday.......we wait.

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