Sunday, August 5, 2012

188 Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


That's all I would have posted, but I figured that wouldn't be much of a blog post.  I weighed myself this morning, which is probably why I got 188 and not 190, but either way, I finally beat the 193 curse!  My weight watchers app said "Hey, you fucking rock! set a new goal".  Okay it didn't say that, but it did tell me to set a new goal.  I set something a little more realistic this time and said 178.  10 pounds is an easier goal than going from the 210-190 goal that I set so many months ago.  A few more pairs of my old capris fit, so that means the "saggy butt" I am experiencing with my current pair is almost over.  My wedding and engagement rings are still tight and not fitting (and one almost got stuck, um that was scary getting it off my finger!)  I am just so excited to have hit (what I think was) my pre-baby weight...give or take a few pounds.  I can tell there are so differences from how my body was pre-babies vs post babies, it isn't shaped the way it used to be (any other mommies experiencing this? Either way I am so happy, and maybe when I hit that 50 pound weight loss I will post pictures (I actually took photos of my BEFORE, I didn't want to forget how hard I worked to get here).  For friends and family who read my blog, I will spare you the "bra" pictures and just post me in my tank top and work out pants.  That photo will hopefully come within the next few weeks as my overall loss has been 47 pounds.

Until then....


  1. I wish it did say you fucking rock because you do! Congrats Lisa!

  2. I agree with Lindsay, awesome LIsa!