Sunday, July 8, 2012


Sorry about being MIA last week.  It was a friggin hectic week, we had the 4th of July which meant that mid week we had a day off (yay)!.  I stilled weighed 195 so I also wasnt too bothered to write about maintaining my weight.  This week was a loss, and I'm 3 pounds away from 190, yay!!!!  I'm super pumped, I've also been finding more time to sew, so a lot of my clothes that have gone into the donate pile have been rescued and are now just being taken in.  It's a temporary measure until I can start an actual sewing project from scratch, but it's wonderful to even be able to have some sewing time.

Maybe if I try really hard I will hit my goal of 190, but I'm not going to try and get sick about losing 3 pounds in a week.

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