Sunday, September 5, 2010

Holy Craft!

I have successfully been able to craft something. I had a wedding yesterday that we attended, and after going to the mall, and seeing nothing that I would actually wear to a wedding (let alone want to pay for) I decided that, if my husband would let me, I would just sew a dress. It took about a week to do, on and off with working out, watching baby, between his sleeping and then getting myself to bed, I finished it!
It a 100% brag worthy dress, but it made me happy that I finally got it accomplished.
I also learned that Booger Bear will take a nap in his crib. Sometimes it's an hour, sometimes it's a half hour, but he will let me lay him down. I was so happy to learn this, and felt that I accomplished something else that week. So maybe, just maybe when the weather is nicer (aka cools off), we can set up a "sweat shop" as my hubby calls it, in the garage, and I can craft after hours.