Monday, October 18, 2010

7 months, wow!

Now I am a few days late on this post (11 to be exact), but C is now 7 months old, I am constantly amazed by how much children learn and do each month, they have a little help from the people around them, but for the most part they start teaching themselves things. When I started doing tummy time with C he would scream and freak out, then around the 4-5 month mark, he was rolly polly tummy to back, back to tummy, without any trouble.
Around the 6 month mark he was able to have someone sit him up, and push himself back, he would get up on his hands and knees, but no forward motion.
After our trip to Canada, he did a quick forward motion towards my sister, which was his first successful launch. Then I sat on the ground and coaxed him to come forward towards me, now he is up, and going forward, and can get himself up to sitting position. As for the teeth, he is finally getting a tooth, he has been cutting these teeth for some time now, I can't wait to see that 1 tooth smile, for now he bites and I can feel it, but it's not out yet.
Here's to hoping it comes soon, because these 2 am wake ups aren't the best, but I don't mind.

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