Tuesday, March 8, 2011

There goes my appetite...

Boogs has had a runny nose since last night, and I must say, I normally feel really nauseous whenever I see a running nose (like at his birthday party, one of the other kids was rocking some serious booger nose, and I gagged), but for some reason, his didn't make me feel sick. It did however send me upstairs to get the kleenex, because I will NOT have a booger nose (because eventually it dries, and that's just disgusting).
I was just using Saline spray on him, but then he started sounding congested, so I used the suction bulb to get out the grossness. He is NOT a fan of either of these methods, but I tell him I am trying to help him feel a bit better. The method of suction out his nose is a little gross, but he is sounding better at the moment. I might have to spend another night in the lazy boy chair with him, but only time will tell.
He also had his 12 month shots today, he.was.pissed! Thankfully he cried for about a minute and once Mommy picked him up, he was suddenly better (strange how that works huh). We went to the mall later and met up with Britt and Ellory, and that was alright for a while. Then Boogs would cry whenever he walked to far away from me. I think he was just getting tired and overstimulated. Poor Guy, he just can't catch a break somedays!


  1. There goes MY appetite now. thanks Lisa

  2. Lisa don't worry I get snot wiped on me all day. Nothing gags me anymore.

  3. Ha ha Dan- you should have stopped after reading the word "booger".
    Lindsay I finally know how it feels to have snot all over your clothes!