Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For the love of Amazon!

Ah, everyone does it from time to time, I'm talking about online shopping. It's gotten bigger over the years, and I completely understand why. Up until Boogs showed up, I loved going to the mall, spending hours picking through clothes, buying stuff, just generally losing myself in shopping.

Then the love affair ended. It ended before Boogs got here, but it started in steps. First, I hated going to the mall, and stuck to the stores that had locations outside of the mall, then I stopped loving those as well. After he showed up, I started going to the mall again, but I realized...A screaming child + lack of sleep + no real reason to be out in public = no need to be at the mall.
I still love places like Target, they are my one stop shop if I need it, plus there are a lot less teenagers hanging out there, but the malls? I try to avoid them. The other day Andy and I went to the apple store to fix his computer, and that may have been the first time I'd been since the beggining of January. I didn't really miss it, Andy asked if I wanted to go into any stores, we went into Macys to find a belt, but since they only make them for petite people, I gave up (and went to Target). Today, after buying something on Amazon, I realized "Crap, this is just to easy, and it's fantastic". I might have to wait a few days for my shipment, but then when I get it, it's like opening a gift.
A gift from me, to me, and even though I know what it is, I will act surprised.

I just love getting stuff from them, lately it's been sewing books, sewing items, and baby gear.
Andy and I are already in talks about signing up for Amazon Prime so we always get free shipping. We are kindred spirits that way, because he too loves Amazon.
So, to all the Amazon, Etsy, Groupon, and everyother online-only shops out there, I love you and everything you have done for our lives. (I also still love you stores that exist in Brick and Mortar, but have online shopping).

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