Monday, January 2, 2012

New years resolution

So every year people come up with resolutions about what they plan on doing and every year by the time February hits, they give up on those resolutions. I stopped making them years ago because I knew I am the type of person who does this. I decided that I wanted to better myself because I wanted to, not because I made the resolution to do so on the 1st of January. This year I felt slightly differently, I said to myself that my "resolution" would be to try and work my way through all 4 of those Rubbermaid bins in my house full of fabric. Start sewing more, less shopping and maybe just improving my skills. It won't be easy, sewing with two babies in the house is mostly impossible, but I will continue to try. I have also decided to try and drink water, tea and juice and cut out pops (let's see how long I can do it). I've taken up kickboxing and started weight watchers. Those things I have considered not to be my resolutions, but rather the things that I want to better about myself. The kickboxing started early December, so I can safely say that I am well outside of the boundaries on that one. The no pop drinking was something I know I should do, because all the delicious sugar and carbonation makes me feel all bloated and yucky, I just need to remember that before I order it. The weight watchers needs to go hand in hand with my kickboxing or else I will just continue to eat fast food without moderating how much of it I am actually eating (yes I will still eat it, but now I have a points system to track myself so I don't go off the rails). So this is the year of "improving myself" not just resolving to do it and then failing horribly because It wasn't something I actually wanted to do.

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