Thursday, January 26, 2012

Am I a bad mommy?

Possibly yes, but I couldn't help but feel a bit smug after this happened.

Yesterday I brought Boogs to the jump castle day and we were having a great time. He ending up taking a basketball from one of the jump zones to play with, which was fine, just so long as he didn't throw it at anyone. So he is walking around with it when this little boy took it right from him and said "mine". Now we all know that children go through this phase, that part wasn't the problem, what bothered me was this kids mom as nowhere to be found to say "hey, you are not allowed to take toys, you must share". I resisted the urge to grab it back and tried to calm Boogs by telling him that some kids are not great at sharing yet. My smug moment happened shortly after when Boogs walked back to the toddler area, I was watching him play and all of a sudden the ball theif started crying. I could see his mom looking in my direction and then back to the kids, all of a sudden this cute little girl walked up to her mom and said "I bite". Turns out the little girl (not Boogs) had bitten this little boy! I felt a little bad about it, but then again his mom wasn't even paying attention to what he was doing and admitted that he probably took that little girls toy she may have been playing with. So yes, I had a bad mommy moment, so sue me. We all have them, and I will take a lesson out of it, that lesson is to teach my kids to share, and not bite other kids.


  1. you are a great mommy. if anything you showed some serious restraint in not smacking the absentee mom when she gave you a stink-look.


  2. I felt bad for the mom of the little girl, she took her home when she should have high fived her.