Sunday, March 4, 2012


What up!  I managed to get down to 213 this week.  Mind you I weighed myself first thing in the morning so I'm sure that isn't my true weight loss.  Either way I am pumped, so far that is 22 pounds I've lost.  Everyday I look at my closet at the jeans sitting there, waiting to be worn, and I say to myself  "soon".  I cannot wait to get into them, it's like getting a hug from someone you haven't seen in a long time.
My parents are visiting this week, and so far I've eating cookies and popcorn :(.  The good news is, I am still tracking those "slip ups" and making sure I don't let myself get away with any cheating on this diet.  It also helps seeing how many points some of these things are worth.  It keeps me from eating 17 of them.  The funny thing was, before they came my sister did say "Make sure they don't go grocery shopping with you and try to buy bad food".  I couldn't really stop it from coming in if I didn't know they were going to buy it on their way here.  I just need to stop making excuses for myself and get some will power. 
Lets hope next week I will have another loss and not "staying even"....I could always leave my "soon" jeans attached to the fridge.

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  1. Put the cookies in the freezer or somewhere out of sight, or better yet have them put into the CRV when they aren't looking. That way they aren't easy to access. So much for me telling them NOT to buy that stuff for your house. I think its a secret sabotage scheme.