Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Arggggggg (yep I'm a pirate), so as I said last week, my parents were coming to visit and I was worried I was going to gain weight.  So while I only gained 1 pound, my weight went up and down throughout the week, and thankfully by Sunday (my weigh in day) it was only 214.  I can't express my frustrations enough.
  • I'm frustrated with myself for not having the will power too just not eat the food that is there.  
  • I'm frustrated that even though I asked, several times for NO JUNK FOOD (minus the smarties and popcorn, which I did ask for) 4 boxes of cookies and 2 boxes of muffins still made it into my house.  
  • I'm frustrated that I was constantly asked "would you like a cookie", uh duh, of COURSE I would like a cookie, I have no will power, why would I say no?  
  • I was also frustrated by my son also eating the cookies, he needs to stay away from that stuff, and I did make a comment of "Well I don't want him to be a chunker like I was as a child".  I need him to learn from an early age what is and what isn't a good food choice.  Sure he can have sweets from time to time, but not everyday, and not in lieu of fruit. 
  •  But mostly I am just frustrated by the lack of support I felt during the week.  I sent most of the cookies home, but they should never have crossed the threshold of my house in the first place.  I wish people would listen to me when I tell them these things. It's not me trying to be a bitch, it's me trying to tell them "Hey, can you support my change in eating habits and just help me out for once?".  Thankfully I got workouts in for the week so that kept my spirits up, knowing that I wasn't being a total heffalump the whole week.
As for the cupcakes ( I threw out the leftover chocolate ones, thankfully they were chocolate, I felt no sadness) and the cake (still sitting in my fridge, I haven't touched it, smelt it or cut a piece for the last 2 days) I know they were for a very special birthday boy, but man oh man was I weak, I am past the gorging myself on them and have started fresh and getting back into my better food.

I hope by sunday I can report that I am now at 213 again (or, fingers crossed 212)


  1. Lisa support is key to changing your lifestyle. I'm sorry you didn't get that. I have also put in the same request. We shall see if the challenge is accepted. I'm supporting you even from far away, its ok to slip up but its even better when you recognize that and not make the decision to give up all together. YOU CAN DO IT! I'm always excited to see how well your doing and it gives me the ambition for myself (once baby gets here).

    1. Yay! Thank you for the cross country support! I find it funny that my greatest support systems all live so far away from me :(

  2. I think you're doing great! The fact that you are blogging about it helps you keep on track and is inspiration for the rest of us. We are all going to mess up on our diet here and there, we are human. It's especially hard when people around you are eating whatever they want.

    Maybe we could start sharing healthy recipes and ideas? I'm currently trying to find new meals to make that are healthy & taste good. We can all help motivate each other!

    1. I like that idea! Since going on weight watchers I use their recipe guide to figure out what is a good or bad choice.