Sunday, March 25, 2012


I'm happy to say I was able to lose weight this week!  I didn't have a bad week with food, I just didn't have a good week with workouts.  On Monday I didn't go to kickboxing because I massive storm rolled on through Dallas.  We aren't talking about a little drizzle, it was piss pouring rain, and lightning and thunder shook the house.  The problem is, when it rains in Dallas is like when it snows in Canada.  People get stupid on the road and cause accidents, rather than driving slowly, cautiously or just even staying home if they don't need to go out. Once i saw 3 separate accidents on a 10 minute drive back home.  3 accidents, BECAUSE OF RAIN!
So I avoiding going out because I didn't want to get in an accident/be flooding off the road.
Wednesday I did get a workout in, but because I was so exhausted it wasn't my best workout. I'm so exhausted because the kids have been sick on and off.  It's like they are switching off on who gets to be sick every week!  On Saturday I skipped class, not because I am lazy, but because I took Clark to the doctor.  I say that I "skipped" class because after the Doctor visit I was told that Clark "was sick", but "it looks like he's getting better".
ARGGGGGGGG, he had been running a high fever the night before I took him and he had a running nose and a phglemy cough, yet somehow he is "getting better" after I take him to the doctor!  At least Gemma had a UTI when I took her to the doctor, made me feel like I'm not going completely crazy and that yes - my kids do get sick for real.
So, back to the weight loss.  I wasn't holding my standards really high for this week because of the missed workouts.  Thankfully I did see some weight loss and I am hoping to pick it up next week and continue to see some more loss!

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