Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting to know you....

We got a flyer the other day from our neighbours across the street.  Andy, being the social butterfly that he is, has met quite a few of them already, so he tells me about them, but I have yet to meet them (except the people that live behind us, I have actually spoken to them, but thats it).  They were handing out flyers to come out friday night and have ice cream and get to know the neighbourhood.  I thought to myself "what if no one shows up, most people keep to themselves these days", but I'm happy to report that quite a few people from the neighbourhood showed up.  We brought our favourite ice cream (cookies and cream) and shared that as well as eating the others than were brought (rocky road, yum....).  I got to meet the neighbour that has a son named Davis and a dog named Clark (what the what, thats not a dogs name :P). It was actually quite nice and It made me wish that all neighbourhoods were like this.  I'm hoping to see these people outside more often, maybe smile and wave, and if there are more get togethers, show up.  Sort of makes me long for the days where you know everyone on your block and everyone knows you.

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