Sunday, April 29, 2012


Another weight loss this week, which I am thankful, for! I was worried I wouldn't lose this week because there were a few times I ate something that I though would be ok in points and then after calculating the recipe,which we had to double, but then somehow had less servings than the recipe called for, I went over my daily allotment. I may also be experiencing better weight loss because I am taking my thyroid medication again. I took it all throughout my pregnancy, but then in December I forgot to take it for the whole time I was visiting Canada. When I got home I wasn't sure what I should do. Instead of calling my doctor I just stopped taking it (my bad). When I saw her at my last appointment she told me to start it again and then in about 8 weeks they will run the tests to see if my dosage is ok. I guess I should mention that I have an under active thyroid. Mum not sure exactly what it means, but from what I can gather from online, it can cause obesity, heart disease, joint paint, and other lovely things. I do believe it's worse in women who are 50 and over, but I would rather not roll the dice and start messing up my bodies hormones just because I forgot my meds. So now maybe the progress will be a little bit easier and I won't be wondering week to week if I have lost or not. I should also mention that this week something (or rather someone) wonderful showed up. My niece Marleigh was evicted from her nice warm womb and has come to join us all. I am so happy for my sister and her husband. After 2 of the longest most terrible years, they have welcomed their rainbow baby. She is so pudgy and cute and has way more hair than Ms. Gemma does. She looks like her brother Jackson did when he was born. I am looking forward to meeting her, I just hope my visit comes sooner rather than later! Well hopefully next week I will be in the 190s, I am 12 pounds away from my pre Clark weight, and I am so excited/impatient to get there. After that goal is reached then I can start a new journey on my weight loss goal above and beyond my baby weight loss. Ttfn.

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  1. Great job Lisa! I've been trying to eat better & drink more water to be healthier and have more energy. Ice water with a lemon slice is currently helping me get past my pop addiction :). It's definitely not easy at times!
    Congrats on the arrival of your Niece. So happy for your family.