Thursday, April 5, 2012

210 *sad face*

Not that I am horribly sad that I am 210, I was just surprised my weight went back up.  I didn't have a bad week, I exercised 1 day less than I normally do, and I kept my points overage to a minimum.  That's why, when I checked on Sunday that I was 210, I had a bit of a WTF moment.  I just shook my head and said that I will make sure that this week counts for something.  I have been sticking to my routine of weight watchers, I even leave 2-3 extra points at night so I don't end up going into my overages.  I have noticed a weight loss on the scale, but I won't know until Sunday if I have actually lost or not.  I will also make sure I go to kickboxing this Saturday.  I have missed the past 2 Saturdays for family related stuff (sick babies, and trips to the zoo).  So, here is to crossing my fingers than I am not stuck in some sort of plateau bubble where my weight will only increase and decrease by small increments!

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