Thursday, August 23, 2012


I just realised that today is Thursday and I still had not blogged about my weight loss, I also realised that I have yet to take my 50 pound picture!!! I will try and see if I can get one tommorrow, I usually ask Andy, but because he gets impatient I will just do it myself and take as many as I need too.  It's a great milestone to hit as I had felt in the beggining that I would never get there.  I've never felt like quitting, but when I saw the big picture, 50 pounds was a lot to take in and felt like it would take forever to lose.

I heard the old saying is "during pregnancy it takes you twice as long to take it off as it does to put it on".  I guess I just whooped that saying in the ass, I didn't gain as much in my 2nd pregnancy as I did in my first, because I already knew that a 60+ weight gain was too much the first time around, so I was a bit more cautious.  I also knew that once my 6 week appointment was over I would find a good kickboxing gym and start up again.  The coach there is always commenting that he needs the weight loss pictures so he can show them to people and I really need to light a fire under my butt as well.  I want people who go to that gym to see that "yes it is possible and yes I am a real person who comes here".

So, I can't give any promises, but I would like to have my pictures up for you wonderful readers tomorrow (especially since if I didn't you would have to wait until October when you see me :D)

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