Monday, August 13, 2012

188 (still)

No change from last weeks kick ass weight loss.  Well technically I lost .6 pounds, but since I just go and round everything up I don't count it on my blog.  I wasn't really expecting to lose too much weight this week since the week prior to that I lose 4 pound.  I'm still quite happy with even getting to 188!  I was getting ready to send stuff off to the goodwill, but Andy mentioned that there will be a community garage sale in September, so if we sign up I am thinking of selling some of my clothes that are in good condition, I will send the rest off as well as anything that doesn't sell at the garage sale.
 I am hoping this week to have a bit more success since I am being careful.  There seems to be a party going on each weekend in August, whether it be Birthdays (cakes, cupcakes, desserts) or Baby Showers (um, cakes, cupcakes, desserts) I have to be very careful.  It feels like Saturday is always my make or break day because I have to weigh myself the next day so when I wake up Sunday morning and I know I've been eating sweets the day before I'm a little hesitant to weigh myself.

Also, what was I thinking starting this program on a Sunday, d'oh!  Anyway I am just trying to focus on doing some good this week, and counting down the days until I go home for some Thanksgiving Turkey, less than 2 months away, I can taste the delicious Tim Hortons tea as we speak (it's doesn't taste the same when I make it).  I am going to make sure to have some Harveys while I'm home too, and go shopping at Rickis, and Fabricland and any other Canadian store I don't get to frequent anymore......  Dammit October, GET HERE FASTER (except the part where I turn 30, you stay away).

I will make 2 exceptions for my food intake while I'm there, and then I will need to make sure I crack the whip on myself after that, no need to gain all 50 pounds back in one week (maybe I should make a meal plan to stick to the fridge at my moms house?)


  1. Holy crap 50 pounds total! That is so fantastic! I need my will power to kick in. Maybe when you come for Thanksgiving you and I can go and get some power walks in with the kids! I want 2 months to go by fast too.

    1. Power walks would be fun, we can walk to the mall and blow off steam before we shop ;). We don't have to bring the kids for the shopping portion though.