Friday, April 23, 2010

talking helps

I went to talk to a counsellor today, after the session she commented that she thinks I am doing really well, and just said " you don't need to book another appointment unless you want to talk about other things".
That made me feel ok, she seems to think I am handling the situation as best I can, and I guess that makes me feel better.
She did bring up some interesting points, she mentioned that my mother really does need to grieve for Jackson in her own way, but she said that in no way is she allowed to make me feel guilty for moving to Texas. One grief cannot be crossed over into the other, and if it starts to happen I have to "tell her gently" that they cannot be transferred into making me feel guilty.
So, I was in the wrong for telling my mother to talk to a counsellor to deal with her feelings, but I am allowed to tell her that she can't make me feel guilty for leaving.
There you have it, I'm not always right, but I am certainly not in the wrong with not wanting people to lay a guilt trip on me when it comes time for Clark and I to move.

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