Monday, May 30, 2011

day at the pool!

I will start off by saying, I hate the sun, I take Boogs out to the park, but I can't stand the heat so we don't stay very long, and the sun is not my friend (I burn really easily). I made an exception today, because I love the water!
We met up with our friends at the pool and tried out Clarks new swim trunks/swim diapers and life jacket. We stripped Clark down, and lotioned him up, then we put on his swim trunks (which went almost to his ankles) and his swim shirt (which is long sleeved), he was so cute :D, his head and arms were probably the only things exposed, but you can never be too safe when you are trying to prevent baby sunburn!

So when we got to the pool, i made the mistake of taking Clark right into the adult pool, he was so upset. He cried at first and eventually Daddy stepped in and he calmed down a little bit, then Daddy took him to the kiddy pool, he liked that a bit better until he fell back, his face was in the water for .001 seconds, but that was it, he wanted out!

We ate some lunch and I eventually got him back in the pool, I was trying to teach him to float on his back, but he wasn't having it. I thought all was lost and he would never enjoy the water until he stood on my knees and we bounced a little bit.

So in the next few weeks we have a vacation coming up and I am looking forward to getting him back in the pool to get him used to the water, I myself am looking forward to splashing around in the water as well.

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