Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I just threw up out of sympathy

NOTE: THIS IS A GROSS OUT POST. If you have a weak stomach (like me) don't read on.

So, today at dinner, I was feeding Mr.C and he was freaking out towards the end, I assumed it was because he was getting cranky about sitting in his high chair, so I finally got him to finish all of his food and told him to come join me in the living room for some sesame street. Before I even got it all loaded I heard Andy say "Oh crap" and I ran back in to see the poor little guy puking his dinner right back out. Of course I felt awful, because I realized that I must have over fed him, but then something funny happened. He walked over to me, put his hands up, and suddenly he was ok again (of course he was covered, so I stripped him first....ewwww). That might be the one thing Clark and I have in common, unless we are under the weather, once the vomit is out, we can get on with our day.
This is where it gets annoying. Having my 2nd pregnancy be so much more different from the first has really, really sucked. I never EVER got sick with Clark, but this baby, it's like I'm sick every other day.
After i finished my dinner, I was carrying Clark around, and then it happened; I coughed.
That set everything else off, and then I was sick. So, I eventually gave Clark a sympathy throw up, you know, to make things even for forcing him to finish all of his dinner!
Sorry for the gross out post, but at the time it wasn't funny to me. Now it is.


  1. So when do you find out your having a girl, because I think your having a girl.

  2. My ultrasound is next friday, I will be so anxious all week to find out!