Friday, May 27, 2011

It's a...

Girl :D!!!
My sister and Andy were right, of course, now that we know, maybe this little girl will stop beating me up and let me enjoy my food !!
The ultrasound went well, they didn't make me drink a bajillion litres of water (which is weird), she behaved and they got all the pictures of her heart valves as well as her measurements.  It was quite different from Boogs, he took about 6 ultrasounds before they finally gave up with all the stuff they needed.
She was pretty chilled out the whole time, and when the technician asked if I wanted to know I said "Absolutely!".  She was so nice and nonchalant as she said "well your little girl...." and I said "A little girl? So you were right Andy".  She showed me the goods (or rather where her lady parts were) and it wasn't as clear as it was with Clark (because frankly a penis just kinda sticks out there for everyone in the room to see).  She didn't even try to hide, which I know friends of mine are having to deal with right now (a shy baby hiding their gender, tsk tsk, they are already playing games with their mommy and daddy!) so I am happy.  I would have been happy if it had been another boy (but then again I think I am going to let my sister have all the boys).  Now I get to talk to all my friends that have girls and ask them what I have in store for me. From what they've all said girls can sometimes be more 'delicate' than boys, but maybe she won't be, she has an older brother to toughen her up, plus I don't plan on raising a princess, I guess I will just have to wait and see!.


  1. Yeah! I get to buy pink and hair things and pink. Tim says I shouldn't gender sterio type her just because she is a girl. ha ha. So save those boy clothes and when I come visit I will take them with me and reuse:). Especially those nike high tops. But I did see some cute girl shoes this weekend!

  2. I will definately save all the boys clothes for you (there are so very many of them :0), they need to get lots of use considering how quickly he grew out of them!