Friday, May 20, 2011

Home sweet (rental) home?

So, it looks like we've found our place, in fact we found it on the first day, we just didn't know it was "home" for a few days.
What happened was, the last house of the day came back up for rent, but my heart just wasn't in it, I didn't outright tell Andy that this wasn't "my dream apartment" but because he can read me like a book, he figured it out and told me to "just be honest".  So I said "Honestly, the house was nice, but it was toooooooo small".
We decided to keep looking at rental places, until 10 minutes later Andy said that we should sign a lease for the first rental house we had looked at that day.  It was in our price range, and it is admittedly huge!
The breakdown goes like this  - there is 3 bedrooms, plus a dining room (which will be Andys office), there are new appliances in the kitchen, a decent sized living room, and my favourite part, a converted garage.
I'm not sure if this is a dallas thing or not, but people in Dallas LOVE to convert their garage into a functional room.
There is still a parking space, but what makes me love this room the most is that it will be a great play room for Clark and Beeboo (baby #2). 
At this point, we have the lease, we just have to change some names that were spelled wrong (Andy = Jon NOT John).  Once we sign it I will breathe a sigh of relief, and then I will start getting rid of stuff we don't need (yay, nesting kicked in early/actually kicked in this time!) 
So, hopefully the next post will be about how we have secured the lease and we are packing up.



  1. Beebo is a funny hippo way of saying belly button. I spend way too much time reading children's books.

  2. Really? That's cute! I have started reading nothing but kids books, my favourite to read is Click Clack Moo.