Friday, May 6, 2011

One of my favourite paintings

Years ago, I had a set of friends, but this post isn't about them, it's about a painting that we all came across one day on our Sunday day out (it was after a long night of Saturday night drinking).
I had forgotten how much I love this painting and the saying that went with it.

It is a painting by Markus Pierson, I can no longer remember the name, but it was part of a series of coyotes, and I loved the quote that went above it.

that many had ventured farther and done so in finer style bothered me not. My journey was my own and I found it to be quite spectacular

I can't say that it was a "life changing" moment, but it stuck with me. I was having a tough time (with life and with the men in it) and dealing with the garbage that went along with it, and this quote made my day, it stuck with me and for weeks I would remind myself that I just needed to ride out whatever was keeping me down, because there would be much greater things on the horizon for me. It finally came to me the other day while I was driving around and I can't believe that I locked it far back in my memory. I am posting it here now in the hopes that I never forget the painting I saw that finally made everything click for me.

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