Monday, May 9, 2011

The hunt begins...

Or rather, continues? Andy and I have been apartment hunting for a few weeks now, and we've decided to try and get a "rent-house" if we can, so we looked at several places today, holy crap was that tiring!
The first house we saw, was by far my favourite, but here is the problem, it's up for rent, but it's also up for sale, so just because we put an application in, doesn't mean someone can't scoop it up from underneath us. We looked at about 3 more "shit-holes" before we found an apartment we liked. There was a guy who put an application in, but was sitting on his hands, and making demands that were unreasonable (it's a rent house, not For Sale, dumbass). By the time we got to the last place to look at, the guy who was sitting on his hands decided to go through with the rental (bummer), he must have heard we were interested and it lit a fire under his ass.
The last place was alright, but the kids bedrooms were downstairs and the master bedroom as well as the washer and dryer hookups were upstairs. I am not willing to leave my babies downstairs so close to the front door while I sleep upstairs, if it were the other way around it wouldn't be a problem, but to me, it just didn't make me feel safe.
So now the hunt continues, we still have a little under 2 months to find a place, I just hope it can be the "house of our dreams...for now".

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  1. Good luck! Dan & I are trying to find a house to rent for August (I feel your pain!)